Sunday, 27 January 2013

how to become more enthusiastic?

Everybody wishes that he had a pill that could relieve him from neck-breaking tensions of the modern civilization which leave a person drained and exhausted. But life is not that easy. We can’t succeed at anything unless we proceed ahead and conquer the obstacles with constant trying. Every field has become highly competitive. To reach your goal you have to pass through more than one tough competitions. The biggest challenge before a person today is to keep himself relaxed and full of energy. At least you can follow some tested and tried techniques that have changed the lives of millions of people all over the world.
Unsolved problems become a burden on our mind. Under their weight we become tensed and lose enthusiasm to work hard for success. You can’t solve the problems by just thinking or sleeping over them and doing nothing. So first step should be to find out the ways to solve a particular problem. Write down the solutions and apply them. Certain problems can also be discussed with your friends and well-wishers who may suggest some new ideas to face them successfully. You can also take the help of universal solution bank of your subconscious mind. In case you are unable to tackle some of the problems then leave them and proceed ahead in life.
Accumulation of unused energy of our mind causes tension. If we use this energy it becomes our power otherwise it may work for our destruction. Due to unused energy many times you feel strain on mind although you may not be having any serious problem at that time. Even small matters start a vicious circle causing headache and heartburn. If you learn to use that energy you learn a wonderful art of relaxation and progress. It will improve your personality power.
One of the best ways to use that excess energy is action and exercise. Be active always and keep doing some work. If you can do a creative work that will give you more satisfaction. Regular exercise not only relaxes you but makes you healthy also. You know a healthy mind generally lives in a healthy body. If you are unable to take interest in any exercise then play outdoor games.
Have you ever seen a small child sitting in a train, bus or a car and looking outside a window with a curious joy on its face? Changes and new things enthuse the emotions of a person with joy. Tension rarely crushes a person who often travels or likes action. Therefore wise businessmen spare time every year to enjoy travelling. Thrills of change and action recharge them with new energy and new ideas.
Most of the wise persons of this world are including meditation in their daily regimen. Meditation is like a small harmless pill capable of doing miracles. It ensures good health, relaxation, progress and power of having a control over things. What else do you need in your life?
It is also true that you need regular practice to master over the art of meditation. Start it in an easy way and gradually develop your own good technique. In the beginning just spare 10 to 15 minutes at night, specially before going to bed. Sit on a comfortable chair or sofa, close your eyes. Focus your attention on the process of inhaling and exhaling. Then try to concentrate towards the superpower of this universe. After establishing a communication with God say your wishes.


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